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Bel Folk Arts

The folkdance group „Zora“ was founded in 1992., by a group of enthusiastic parents whose children were dancers in many different dance groups. Those years were difficult because of the instability in the country, and serious work with children did not begin untill the 1999. when „Zora“ was taken up by Goran Bankovic, a former dancer and current successful art director of the group.  Without his endless patience and strong will to work „Zora“ wouldn’t have become what it is today. Goran tried very hard, and managed to create a group unique for the mutual respect and friendship among the members.

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Goran began in a primary school „Stari grad“ in Belgrade, where children started to dance as a leisure activity. Around thirty children then met with the folkdance steps for the first time. Although small in numbers, they worked very hard to learn the first steps and develop their talent. Their first performances and concerts were in the school “Stari grad”, but slowly they started to “conquer” many different stages. The persistency of the first members of “Zora” was not useless – today this group consists of almost 200 members, different in age and gender, but connected strongly by their strong affection towards national dances and music.

In a short period of time, “Zora” proved that even small and still developing groups can achieve good results. Our primary interests are children, and the goal is to include as much of them as possible in our activities, so they can enjoy in their culture and traditions through singing, dancing and theoretical knowledge.

“Zora” participated on many manifestations, such as the World Day of Dance, the opening of the Olimpic games for the children with special needs, Day of the Planet and many other humanitarian events.

A great help for our group comes from the parents of the children, who often involve personally when help is needed and also try very hard to provide us with neccesary sponsorships. Mrs. Stanimirovc Nada, a pedagogue in school „Stari grad“ must be mentioned here, for her devotion was extremely helpful from the beggining, and contributed a lot to the survival of the group.  Also, we own our  gratitude to Mr.  Milos Prelic Misevcanin, a physics proffesor and a poet who created a hymn for the group, as a true guardian of Serbian language and tradition, and to Miscevic and Mrs. Radica Ristic, for their help with everyday difficulties.


The activities in the group are divided into four sections. Folkdance school for the begginers, work with preparative ensembles, practicing with the performing ensemble, and work with the orchestra. Forming a choir and a drama section is planned.


  • Bulgaria, towns Kiten and Primorsko – children ensemble
  • Turkey, Istambul – youth ensemble


  • Greece, Hanioti – children ensemble


  • Greece, Hanioti, Pefkohori, Polihrono - children ensemble
  • France, Nice – youth ensemble
  • Bulgaria, Primorsko – children ensemble


  • Greece, Hanioti – children ensemble
  • Turkey, Istambul – youth ensemble
  • Bulgaria, Kiten, Primorsko – children ensemble


  • Greece, Tasos – children ensemble
  • Portugal, Torres Novas – youth ensemble


  • Greece. Tasos – children ensemble
  • Hungary, Lake Balaton – children ensemble
  • Portugal, Porto – youth ensemble
  • Poland, Plonsk – youth ensemble
  • Poland, Lublin – youth ensemble


  • Italy, Pesaro – children ensemble
  • Hungary, Lake Balaton – children ensemble
  • Czech republic, Prague – youth ensemble
  • Portugal, Torres Novas – youth ensemble


  • Spain, Calella – children ensemble
  • Turkey, Istambul – youth ensemble

Group participated in approximately 20 international festivals, in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech republic, Poland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, until the year of 2009.

  • FRANCE 2011
  • BELGIUM 2011
  • GERMANY 2011
  • ITALY - SPAIN 2011

People who work with the dancers are:

  • Assistens for the begginers: Ivana Macanovic, Milica Sarunac, Jovana Tornjanski
  • Assistent of preparative and performing children ensembles: Marijana Kostic
  • Assistent of preparative and performing youth ensembles: Igor Tirnanic
  • Head of the orchestra: Branko Radicevic
  • Art director of all the ensembles: Goran Bankovic
  • President of the group: Ivan Bankovic



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